Occupational Health Division:

Occupational Health Division:

occh-1Occupational health is a recent field of medical specialization that focuses on health hazards and pre-emptive health strategies for workplace related injury and illness. AMS believes that a healthy workplace can minimize time-loss, mitigate injury and illness, and improve job satisfaction. We have procured a Yellowknife-based occupational medical clinic and partnered with national organizations providing access to clinics across Canada to be able to deliver this comprehensive healthcare approach to our clients.

Our Occupational Health Clinics are committed to providing clients with comprehensive solutions for pre-placement/employment medicals, remote drug and alcohol testing, audiometric testing, spirometry testing, and quantitative respirator fit testing. Clinic consultants can customize an occupational health assessment programs to the specific occupational risks coming from chemical, physical or biological hazards related to your industry and applicable occupational health and safety regulations.

An effective occupational health program must focus on understanding the health risks within an industry and work with medical professionals, company management and workers. Our team is committed to customer service and assisting employers and workers in creating a healthy workplace that reduces accident and injury rates by customizing a robust occupational medicine and injury prevention strategy.


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