AMS Community Paramedicine in Nunavut:

AMS provides Primary and Advanced Care Paramedics in Nunavut’s Community Health Centres and Hospitals to support healthcare services in some of Canada’s most remote communities.

Providing life-saving care in the event of an emergency and working hand in hand with Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Community HealthNurses, AMS Paramedics work in a team environment to provide on-going primary care in the community.

Paramedics in this Government of NU project receive a specialized orientation session that provides advanced assessment and skills review along with Cultural Awareness Training.

This project has provided opportunities to discover all the beauty that the culture, wildlife, and landscape of Canada’s northern-most locations offer, while providing top-notch medical care in a clinical setting and has been nothing short of a positive, rewarding experience for our team of Paramedics and the communities that they serve in.