Industrial Medical Division:

Our Industrial Medical Services Division brings healthcare support and emergency medical care to workers who are onsite in full-time and casual/seasonal worksites.

AMS believes that it is not enough to have medical treatment onsite, but also to promote a healthier workforce by initiating preventative healthcare and occupational support programs.

We do this through constant communication with our clients ensuring accurate deliverables and guarantees client satisfaction.

AMS provides targeted medical solutions that may encompass one or all of our service divisions to provide a comprehensive solution, proactively planning and collaborating with our clients to minimize operational and organizational challenges, and executing our service delivery with surgical precision.

A customized plan tailored to meet your specific project and scope requirements will include determining the right level health care personnel and facilities, medical equipment and supplies and emergency vehicles. We provide fully trained personnel who are prepared for the specific medical challenges that come with remote site medicine. Our medics always have access to an on-call emergency physician who can provide advice and deal with medical issues as they arise.

Remote site industrial medical services

AMS turnkey, full-spectrum medical service solutions include, but are not limited to, providing:

  • Medical control and continuous medical direction
  • Evidenced based medical guidelines, policies and procedures
  • Emergency medical and trauma care
  • Clinical practice – primary care
  • Occupational health and injury prevention with a nationwide network of clinics
  • Health and hygiene training
  • Onsite drug and alcohol testing
  • Comprehensive Reporting of personnel records including immunization and vaccination records
  • Quality and reliable medical equipment and supplies
  • Patient documentation and statistical record keeping solutions
  • Emergency Transport Vehicles and Portable Facilities
  • Management, administrative and operational support
  • Ongoing quality assurance, continuing education and safety programs
  • Business opportunities with impacted Aboriginal and Inuit organization
  • Joint centralized medical services solutions for multi‐location projects

AMS has the right team, methodology for service delivery and vast experience. Our dynamic team demonstrates commitment and dedication every day to our mission and values to fulfill our Vision statement: “To provide innovative and comprehensive medical solutions to our patients, the communities we serve and our clients – exceeding expectations for service and value”.