Ground Ambulance Division

The configuration of an Ground Ambulance Crew is critical to protect patient and crew safety while maximizing operational flexibility when providing medical transport services in geographically challenging regions. AMS provides the Ground Ambulance transport services for town of Inuvik and the Beaufort Delta Region. 

AMS utilizes two-person pre-hospital configurations for our Ambulance Teams. This allows us to maximize the scope of practice and deliver the highest level of skilled  professionals,  ensuring that Beaufort Delta residents receive the highest level of emergency medical services.

The Inuvik EMS protocols are evidence-based and have been reviewed by specialty experts including emergency physicians and pediatricians. Protocols are in compliance with the Emergency Health Services Regulations and accommodate the unique operational requirements of northern and remote medical care. AMS provides training to our EMR/PCP teams and is training local residents to the full 173-hour Emergency Responder Level. By using clinical simulation and precepts ambulance clinical experience we hope to build capacity and long-term career options to local residents in the Beaufort Delta Region.