Providing Best in Class Medical Solutions in the most remote places on earth.

jetAMS has extensive experience and expertise providing health care personnel, medical equipment & supplies, healthcare education and occupational health services to major clients throughout Canada.

AMS is committed to providing the highest level of patient care and client satisfaction, without compromise – the same commitment that has propelled us as an industry leader of healthcare services.

Advanced Medical Solutions’ medical personnel are responsible for the health and welfare of our client’s most valuable asset; their employees.

AMS, the preferred choice of industry!

AMS is leading the industry with a holistic medical services offering.

AMS provides best in class medical care for our clients and their employees to promote the goal for zero­‐harm thus ensuring a safe workplace.


Industries we serve:

  • Mining & Exploration
  • Oil & Gas
  • Government Agencies
  • Construction
  • Remote Camp Services
  • Engineering & Procurement
  • Adventure Expedition
  • Filming & Production
  • Air & Ground Ambulance

Latest News/Updates:

This was a fun start to our Admin Team's day!
#BreastCancerAwareness #brasacrossthebridge
Our Ground Ambulance Team and our ACCESS Air Ambulance teams across the north wear their pink Epaulettes this month on their uniforms while our support staff join in the fun with their pink T's!
Everyone is affected by breast cancer,
Everyone can be part of the cure!
Participate, Educate, Celebrate, Donate
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Big thanks to the Advanced Medical Solutions Inc. crew for coming out this morning to our Bras Across The Bridge donation set up!!You can still donate bras at any Booster Juice location in the city! 🙂

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Now that the weather is a little cooler, if sitting in front of a fire with a good book is on your list of things to do - may we recommend Northern Nurses and Northern Nurses II. Available at The Yellowknife Book Cellar (also their online store)
We are celebrating Emergency Nurses Week and the work that our nurses do in the communities that we love to serve. #ENWeek #welovewhatwedo #togetherforahealthynorth
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What a great video and a we bet a great trade show to attend! ... See MoreSee Less

1,900 exhibitors have moved in to MINExpo 2016! The Exhibit Hall is officially open!

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And it all began 22 years ago... ... See MoreSee Less

BE A YES MAN: "I'd finally gotten my dream job - I was working as a firefighter with the Yellowknife Airport Fire Department - and doing a bunch of small contracts part-time. It was almost three years before The Call came. It was from an oil company in Calgary that had looked me up in the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce. They wanted to know if I could provide industrial ambulance service for one of their job sites. "Yes, I can," I said even though I didn't have an ambulance or any idea how to get one. They wanted me to send them a business proposal within a week. I hung up and went straight to the library to look up how to write one." --Sean Ivens, Advanced Medical Solutions Inc. #ThatllNeverWork

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